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Frequently asked Questions-

What info do you need? - I need your Name and Date of Birth and those of others involved. Send this info to - mysticalspellcasting@gmail.com

or if you are on Instagram follow me and you can message me the info to -@mystictarotandspells 

Do you need pictures? - No pictures needed, unless you don't have the names and date of births.

How long do results take?- As with any spell or ritual timing for results is different for everyone. It can be days to months.

How do I know it's working? - You will know it's working when you start to notice results.

What type of magic is this? - It's white magic unless you or a different option of black magic.

Do I need to do anything for the spell? - No

Are there any bad effects? - No

How long will the spell last?- Length can vary sometimes it's permanent. You may want to repeat a spell if you notice significant changes after seeing results. 

What do I receive as delivery?- A message from me and a picture from the spell.

What if I don't see results after a few months? - You may need to order a stronger spell.

Can I do more than one spell at a time? - Yes

What if I have already been working with other spell casters, can I still do a spell with you and it still work and not cancel theirs out? - Yes

What are the casting differences? - One cast means it's cast 1 time, Double cast means it's cast 2 times for more power, Triple Cast means it's cast 3 times for even more power. For more than one casting they are done back to back. The more castings you have done the stronger the spell.

 What about Black Magic Variation? - All spells are white magic unless black magic variation is ordered, it is stronger and no bad effects I do clearings to prevent this.

When will you finish my order ? 
 Typically the by the next day at most within 3 days but, usually it's done by the next day.

How does this work, How effective is this? - I do all the work and you do not have to do anything. It works through my practiced methods and ingredients. I have high results over the years and many repeat clients.

I gave the wrong information, birth-date or name will it still work? Most likely yes, however it's best that you provide correct info. I will not recast a spell for free if you provided the wrong info. I use my ingredients, time and energy to complete spells so please recheck your info before sending it to me. If you did give the wrong info and have not seen results within a few months I suggest you order again,to have it recast. 



Contact info- 

For the fastest contact & preferred contact - follow @mystictarotandspells on instagram and message me there. Thanks

Email -mysticalspellcasting@gmail.com

Phone - 737-276-6928