October 31st RARE HALLOWEEN BLUE MOON Powerful Group Rituals- Love / Money / Spirit Blessings

Rituals done on the evening of a rare Blue Moon are known to be more potent than any other time. With the awesome energy of Halloween it creates an amazing combination.

Don't miss out on the Halloween 2020 Blue Moon or you will need to wait until 2039 before this happens again. I have limited numbers of Blue Moon Ritual spaces so order now to avoid disappointment.

 A Rare Halloween Blue Moon in 2020 – Mark Your Calendars!

Must order by 10pm 10/31 cst. 

3 Group Rituals Offered -

Love Ritual - This can help with a current relationship, help get someone back, to have new love enter your life or for self love.

Money Ritual - This will focus on your income and finances bringing in more Money to you thru various ways.

Spirit Blessings Ritual - With this amazing Ritual I will use the spirits help in bringing forth and guiding Many Blessings into your life. 

Extra Focus Options, an extra focus means I will concentrate / focus on you that  extra time for added energy and strength.  

You can join as many of this rituals as you wish, place separate orders for each.

Email me after ordering with your name and date of birth and those of others involved if ordering the love ritual or if you are ordering for someone else.

Those located in the U.S. also have the option of ordering thru cash app $Laurasfees .

The only individual Spell-casting services not related to these rituals I will do on October 31st are my Black magic or Voodoo options in my other Listings, you may order Black magic or Voodoo Spell-casting services in Combo with Rituals if you wish. Any other Spell Variations ordered on October 31st will be done on November 1st.  


A "Blue Moon" is a fairly infrequent phenomenon involving the appearance of an additional full moon within a given period,which is where the saying once in a blue moon comes from. This Halloween Blue Moon will be the 2nd full Moon this October.    

A Rare Halloween Blue Moon in 2020 – Mark Your Calendars!